Wednesday, 23 October 2013

 Do you think baby breathe in the uterus?

A baby does not breathe in the uterus. Everything that it needs for its growth provided to it by its supply line: the umbilical cord. This cord connects the blood circulation of the child with that of the mother. The foetus, as the unborn child is called, gets nutrients oxygen through the umbilical cord. The waste products of the foetus are thrown out into the blood circulation of the mother and are excreted by the mother. After the birth of the baby, the umbilical cord is no longer required and is cut off. 

Why do we not fall off from the Earth?

Gravity is the force of the Earth that attracts every object towards itself. From our perspective this force always acts downwards. For a long time people did not believe that the Earth is round because then the people “underneath” the sphere would have actually fallen down. In 1687, a physicist, Isaac Newton, proved that the force of gravity always acts towards the centre of the Earth. On the Earth, the force of gravity always acts “downwards”.   

Do you know why day temperature very high and night temperature is very low?

In deserts, day temperatures are very high and night temperatures are extremely low because the specific heat of sand is very low.

In desert, sand absorbs the heat readily and its temperature rises by a degree during the day. At night sand radiates the heat equally readily, making the temperature low.

How are icebergs made?

The icebergs in the North Atlantic are large pieces of ice that have broken off from the glaciers of Greenland. Since frozen water is lighter than liquid water, the broken pieces float as icebergs on the sea.
They are pointy and often interspersed with debris. In contrast, the icebergs in the South Atlantic are mostly flat. They can float for thousands of kilometres before they melt. Only one-ninth of an iceberg stays above the water. If the part above the water is 100 m high, then below is 800 m deep.   

 Do you think sun rises in the East?

The Earth rotates on its axis from west to east. This rotation makes the sun and the stars appear to be moving the sky from east to west.

Do you know your weight high in poles compare to equator?

Weight of any Object will be maximum in both north and south poles. This is happen because of high gravity force in poles. You can ask why gravity force is high in poles?. There is a reason behind in this, the distance between poles and Centre of the Earth will be less compare to the distance between the centre of the Earth and, less distance make high attraction of gravity force and high gravity force made an object to be more, weight of any Object will be more in poles.         

Why are we thrown forward when brakes are applied?

 Object at rest are tend to remain at rest, and object in motion tend to remain in motion. They maintain their states in which they are currently present. We notice this when we stand in moving bus and the driver suddenly applies the brakes. Our feet are in contact with the floor of the bus, but the body moves forward. Because of the same effect when the car takes a turn we feel a force pushing us in the opposite direction. However, the concept of inertia is used specially to keep the satellites and space in their orbit around the earth.

How did we discover that the Earth is round?

About 3000 years ago people believed that the earth was flat. But people wondered why ship disappeared at the horizon. Sailors too returned from journeys and were proof that ships did not fall off the edge of the Earth. The simplest explanation was the Earth must be round. The final proof came in the year 1522 after the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan, who was the first to sail around the earth.
Do you know why this is happening?

Can you see the Moisture gather on the outer surface of glass tumbler containing cold water because the water vapours present in the gas get cooled and appear as droplet of water on coming in contact with the cold surface of the glass tumbler. 
Do you know why sky appears in blue and space appears in dark?

The sky appears in blue colour because the light of the sun is spread or scattered by the dust particles in the air. But space appears black because there are no dust or air particles to scatter the light.